Our story

Tucked away on a beautiful 3 acre plot on the Dartington Estate, this land has had a long and interesting history of horticultural use…

School Farm CSA walks in the footsteps of Nick Gooderham who loved and tended the market garden in the years leading up to its founding in 2012. Under the stewardship of Nick, the team began to shift the delicious veg box scheme he was delivering into a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme – learn more about CSA here.

The aim was to provide top-quality veg while supporting wildlife and biodiversity, getting local people involved with the farm and creating sustainable livelihoods for the farmers who grew the food. Nick very sadly passed away in 2013, and the CSA continues in his memory.

Fast forward to today, and we grow to organic standards for 100 veg shares year-round, alongside offering a range of events and opportunities for local people. We work hard because we believe in serving our community, and we’d love it if you choose to get involved too.

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