Accidental Seed Saving ;)

One of our veg successes in 2014 was trialling Greek Gigantes for dried beans from The Real Seed Catalogue.  I've been munching on the delicious results of the trial plot and can't wait  to grow them again (and share with our members of course!).  But I went onto the web to buy more and found that a) the shop is closed today because they're very busy and b) that it would cost over £50 if I bought 300+ seeds from them.  Compare that with the £5.15 I'm spending on the runner bean bed.  So instead I've raided my supply of Greek Gigantes in the kitchen and have found 225 seeds that look good so I'm going to pretend like we planned to save them for seed – and just top up by buying a few more packets of new seed.  When life gives you lemons… make a greek bean salad and squeeze some of that lemon on the top. 😉