Don’t you just love tools?

I do.  For the past ten years I've worked on boats or on farms, and both places the right tool can make a really difficult job a breeze.  I also love well made, hand forged tools.  They fit really specific niches, just like these broadforks we bought from Johnny's Seeds in the USA.  When they came I unwrapped the handles and could smell the oil someone had rubbed into the wood, just one indicator of good craftsmanship – taking the time on small things makes a massive difference when it comes to tools.  The two forks on the left are for aerating the soil without inverting it, just a gentle levering action. The fork on the right with more times is for loosening out carrots, parsnips, potatoes, leeks, etc.  As we grow bigger we also plan to grow smarter and tools like these that are invented specifically for market gardening contribute to that. 🙂